Spaceship Away is a new venture: an attempt to reproduce the Dan Dare section of the Eagle comic from it's high point of the mid fifties. It uses newly commisioned artwork by artists from the original team including Don Harley and the late Keith Watson.

The first volume - Part 1 - is out now. Buy it so that the next three parts can be released! Spaceship Away, like this web site, is very much a labour of love and - without your support - the Dan Dare story cannot continue!

Please contact the Editor of Spaceship Away - Rod Barzilay - and support his endeavours.

Spaceship Away
8 Marley Close, Preston, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6DH

Here is a selection of the artwork within the first issue of Spaceship Away, reproduced with the permission of the Editor. Please click on the item to enlarge and STRETCH them to the required viewing size..

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The Annastasia lifts off - Spaceship Away!

The bridge of the Marco Polo

Proffesor Peabody investigates

The Phoenix Mission

Preparing the Z19